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  • Create a vision

    Give each teen a personalized direction and purpose, open windows to their value and their place in the world.

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Providing clear reasons for right choices

Vision, purpose, a sense of value, and confidence in a plan will transform a young person’s life and future. Watch this video to learn how it works and how to get it FREE…


“This taught me about making better decisions to reach my goal. I told my mother about my change in decisions and I can honestly say, I’ve never seen her more ecstatic in my 17 years of knowing her!”

How does the community service course work?

  1. Sign up above, and teens get unlimited free passwords for the online Peak Service Course.
  2. Students fill out a simple form (name and email) and I immediately email their password.
  3. They logon, complete the Course, print a Certificate of Completion, and turn it in.
  4. The course is easy, engaging, and takes 4 to 5 hours – teens can start and stop at any point.
  5. Their Certificate includes their password, to further verify their work as needed.

What are the benefits of this course for youths assigned to do community service?

  1. Document in detail for the school, parents, school, court, etc. exactly what they did
  2. Learn what it's like to help others by interviewing a service worker or volunteer
  3. Reflect on, engage, and report about their community service experience
  4. Decide how they might continue to help others beyond this assignment
  5. Look beyond themselves and consider how to be useful to others
  6. Do a better job for the organization they are serving

Here are the five modules included in the community service course:

  1. What Community Service did I do, and why, when, and where? Document all the key details of my Community Service assignment or sentence
  2. What is Community Service? Why do so many people volunteer and want to "give back"?
  3. Community Service Self Assessment: Discover how you can best help others and what talents you bring
  4. Optional: Interview a service worker or volunteer: Talk with someone personally about the ways they help others
  5. Community Service: Why Does This Matter in MY Life? Consider and answer "what’s the point of this?"
  6. Finish: Print and turn in your Certificate of Completion